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Baseball Quotes
I love what prominent baseball people have to say about the great ballplayers. They seem to eloquently capture what we are thinking. "It was his solemn duty to catch a ball that wasn't in the stands." - Monte Irvin (Newark Eagles OF, May 6,...

Collectible Sports Memorabilia
COLLECTING sports collectibles or sports memorabilia, antique or modern, is limited by two factors: the money available and the space to be filled. Having determined these basic essentials, it is then a personal matter. The taste of the collector...

Ice Hockey Apparel Is the Way To Go In Today's NHL
Ice hockey is your life, just as it is for so many other NHL fans from around the world. You couldn't care less about football, baseball or any other so called sport. Who is that Michael Jordan guy anyway? Hockey is what you are, what you live...

Life As A Cincinnati Bengal's Fan
I started to watch NFL football when I was 12 years old, it was 1992. The Cincinnati Bengal's where the local televised game for my area, this is how the loyalty began. The Bengal's fit exactly what I believed in when I was 12 years old, which was...

Pedro, Beltran, and the Mets as seen by one true Yankee Fan:
Pedro, Beltran, and the Mets as seen by one true Yankee Fan: Itís the middle of the NFL playoffs, and what has grabbed the interest of many sports fans has been the off-season maneuvering and acquisitions of the Mets and Yankees. In the past, the...

Dark Ages: History of the Negro Leagues in America

The sport of baseball is often referred to as the "national pastime." For years it has played an important role in many people's lives, providing heroes and idols for millions of children and providing numerous memories of "spring eternal" for many others. Baseball's popularity can be traced to many things: the dramatic one-on-one confrontations between the pitcher and batter, unlike any duel in any other sport; the last minute heroics by a rookie with a single swing of the bat in the bottom of the ninth inning; the strong feelings of romance and grandeur that one feels upon entering the stadium and seeing the playing field; and the strong, rich tradition of the game itself that has stood the test of time.
Another reason for our love affair with baseball is for the dreams that it has always provided. Many of us have imagined ourselves being the one to hit the game-winning homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game Seven of the World Series or throwing a rare masterpiece -- a perfect game. One of the reasons for this is because baseball is the one sport which requires no specific or special physical

attributes in order to play. Unlike basketball, hockey, or football, baseball does not require its players to be of a specific height, weight, or body-build in order to participate. Whether fat or skinny, short or tall, we have all dreamt of playing baseball. Nothing could prevent us from playing baseball if only we possessed the skills. Nothing, that is, except for the color of one's skin. From 1898 until 1946, African-Americans were not allowed to play professional major-league baseball. In order for them to fulfill their dreams and desires of playing baseball they formed their own leagues -- the Negro Leagues.

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