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Dan - A Great Coach
Dan - A Great Coach My wife, my daughter and I had been eagerly anticipating my daughter’s first lesson with Dan, her new batting coach. Of course, we heard how good he was. Our next door neighbor spoke glowingly of Dan’s expertise as a batting...

Fitness and Exercise For Children
Fitness and exercise are important. We all know that, and had that lesson drummed into our heads in school. But, how much attention do we pay to our children when it comes to fitness and exercise? In our modern day, too many children spend...

Passion For Baseball
For The Love of the Game   What is something you are passionate about? Passion is contagious and feeds off this positive energy. Have you ever seen two people who truly love the game of baseball talk about baseball? I had a friend’s wife tell me...

Some Astounding Baseball Statistics.
Some Astounding Baseball Statistics.  Ty Cobb His lifetime batting average of .367 is awesome. It is downright baffling. Year after year of hitting over .300. His first year was the only year he hit less than .300 Nine years batting .380 or...

What A Great Night
What A Great Night  The Time Machine brings me back to Chancellor Avenue, Newark, New Jersey, circa 1964. Vintage cars like the ’62 Oldsmobile Spitfire, 1957 and 1958 Chevy’s roamed up and down the street passing The Bunny Hop, The Burgerama and...

Palmeiro on the Juice

Rafael Palmeiro and the secret behind his suspension.
Finally, the secret behind Rafael Palmeiro's suspension can be revealed. Yes, he was on the juice. The Juicy Juice, to be exact.
As an avid baseball fan, I wondered what could be the problem with Palmeiro, why would he screw up his career by allegedly doing illegal steroids.
I was sure that eventually the truth would come out, but little did I know it would be me who discovered it.
I awoke one night by this terrible crash coming from my closet.
When I went in, I saw that all my card cases were turned over and in disarray, and noticed all my Palmeiro cards were gone.
Shocked and upset, I decided to go get myself a snack, maybe something like a pierogi or a grilled cheese

It was at that point when I went into the kitchen that I saw the refrigerator door was open, and what did I see but my Palmeiro cards on the juice.
For pictures as proof, please go to:

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