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Carlos Zambrano: Over-Shadowed by Greatness
With Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Greg Maddux and Matt Clement on his staff, Carlos Zambrano has been over-shadowed by other household name pitchers. After todays (May 13th) start, in which Zambrano pitched 8 innings giving up 0 ER and striking...

Pressure in Youth Sports
Pressure is part of all sports and its impact in youth sports is something we need to carefully evaluate. The spotlight is brightest in baseball; there is simply no place to hide. For the pitcher, batter, catcher and anybody the ball is hit to, all...

Some Astounding Baseball Statistics.
Some Astounding Baseball Statistics.† Ty Cobb His lifetime batting average of .367 is awesome. It is downright baffling. Year after year of hitting over .300. His first year was the only year he hit less than .300 Nine years batting .380 or...

Teaching Your Boy the Game of Baseball!
Teaching Your Boy the Game For those who ďcoach your sonĒ (or those players who are coached by Dear Old Dad), lend me your ears. Here are some quick and easy thoughts to answer the common problems that surround coaching your own kid. 1st &...

The Cure for a Fat Shot
This problem may be easier to fix than you think. You may not realize it, but your back shoulder may be dipping towards the ground. This move forces the club to hit the ground too early. Most of the time it happens when you are really trying to...

Make A Slam Dunk With Great Sports Gift Ideas

Do you have a sports fanatic in your family? Perhaps youíre just looking for a great gift idea for an acquaintance who happens to live life for sports. Whether you have a big budget or a small one, there are plenty of great sport ideas to choose from. Need some help coming up with just the right one? Why not take a look at our suggestions below and just see if you donít score a homerun with one of them?

Big Ticket Items

Here are some suggestions if youíre got a big budget to work with.

Tables and Hoops

If your recipient is a crazed sports fanatic and doesnít just limit his fun to the outdoors, why not make it easy for him to satisfy his sports hunger with either an indoor table game or a hoop set? You can buy him a foosball table, a pool table, or even an air-hockey one. Chances are, heíll spend a lot of time at the table.

In addition, if your guy is a basketball fan, why not purchase an indoor hoop system? They come for one player or two, and can be great for stress relief, or just a little fun!

Exercise Equipment

If your gift recipient is a sports fanatic, chances are that he does whatever is necessary to keep in shape. Knowing that, why not give him a rowing machine, weight set or treadmill? Heíll be thrilled to be able to exercise in his own home without having to go the gym!


If you live near the ocean and your sport fanatic is a surfer, why not have a custom board made for him? You can choose the paint, design and of course, length and shape of the board to fit his needs.

Small Budget Gifts

Okay, so maybe you canít afford a pool table or one of the other fabulous gifts that we suggested. Donít despair! We have some terrific sports gift ideas for those people on

a budget as well.

Sports Fans

Most sports fanatics have a team, and they live and die by that team. A perfect inexpensive gift idea for a fan is memorabilia from their favorite team. It could be a baseball hat, tee-shirt, customized mouse pad, or even a sweat suit embroidered with their teamís logo. Use you imagination, and see how you can tie in their team with a regular article of clothing.

Golf Items

Got a golfer who you need to buy for? Luckily, there are tons of great gift ideas that are perfect for the avid golfer. You can buy golf balls, golf tees, club covers (you can even personalize these), or a Sunday golf bag. In addition, you can find PGA sports memorabilia for great prices if you shop around!

Recovery Tools

Chances are that if you know a sports fanatic, youíve heard your fair share of moans and groans as a result of playing too hard and long. A perfect sports gift idea for someone who has a tendency to over-do it is a handheld massager. They come in different forms, shapes and sizes, but they will all accomplish one thing: to help relieve some of the muscle tension that can occur from playing hard.

Isnít it great to know that you can find a great sports gift to fit your price range?

About the Author: Desmond Ong is the founder of Did you find this information useful and helpful? Be sure visit for more gift ideas tips for every special occasion.


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