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Balance Your Checkbook and Golf Swing
We all search for it. Balance in our daily lives. Balance while riding a bike. Politicians are always debating a balanced budget in Washington, and most of us could use a little balance in our checkbooks. Balance is a term used in golf quite often...

Core Flexibility Training Improves Golf Swing Power And Distance
Core flexibility training is critical if you want to improve your golf swing power and driving distance. Your core is the engine to your swing. If your core is inflexible you will not be able to make a full backswing with minimal tension. ...

In baseball, how does a pitcher throw a curveball?
In baseball, how does a pitcher throw a curveball? A successful major league batter gets a hit only 30 percent of the time he comes to bat. One of the ways pitchers lower these chances even further is by throwing a curveball. A curveball is...

Some Interesting And Some Funny Baseball Quotes
"The game has cleanness. If you do a good job the numbers say so. You don't have to ask anyone or play politics. You don't have to wait for the reviews." Sandy Koufax, Dodgers Pitcher (1955-66) "Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants...

The Golfing Machine
HOW TO BUILD YOUR GOLF SWING This process is multi fold Learn what YOUR neutral grip is The CORRECT ball position for every club The CORRECT swing shape How far back YOU can take the club How to play within YOUR style You will have many...

April's Sports View

By Leigh Douglas

As the ‘madness’ winds down, I find myself having to eat crow. Illinois is for real (I still stand by Carolina winning it all) but the fighting Illini are a much better team than I had given them credit.

As the NFL draft approaches the rumor mill spins out of control. Two rumors making the rounds that I like however are the proposed Philip Rivers to San Francisco for the number one pick; and the Vikings trading first round spots with the Browns. The Niners-Chargers deal will never happen, for financial reasons more than anything. The Chargers just gave Rivers a Bonus of 6 million dollars, and then would have to pay another bonus for the #1 pick. Expect the Chargers to take one more year to assure themselves of Brees value, and then decide which one to hand the long term reigns to.
The other deal makes a lot of sense. Cleveland would trade down from number 3 to number 7 collect additional picks, and still likely get the quarterback they would have taken at #3. If Minnesota does this deal then they are definitely targeting defensive help

(Derrick Johnson?) over a receiver.

Can anyone explain how Chester Taylor is worth 3 million dollars for 1 season? It seemed a ridiculous offer sheet, but then when Baltimore matched it!

The first significant trade of the upcoming baseball season will be the Cardinals getting a second baseman. (Jose Vidro? Jerry Hairston?)

Was the trade of Keith Van Horn not perfect? Does any one player have Maverick written all over him more than Van Horn? (soft, shooter, no D)

Can anyone explain why the Broncos have convinced themselves that the Browns Defensive line was the answer to their problems?

Matt Jones is a name to look out for during the upcoming NFL draft. Jones played QB for Arkansas, but for the NFL is looking to transition to receiver/tight end. His physical skills are undeniable (6foot6 240lbs, runs a sub 4.40 has a vertical of over 39). Someone is going to take a gamble on him, and it starting to look like less and less of a long shot.

About the Author
Leigh Douglas is the sports editor of, a webzine with balls!

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